sample code: ASP and MySQL - PHP and MySQL - phpFormMailer - ASP Contact form 
asp code examples with database connectivity

sample code

  Just examples of ASP code, linking to your MySQL database and JavaScript.
|1. Home |2. The Database |3. Add a User |4. Login |5. Get your db online|

asp code examples with database connectivity

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A whole site like this using ASP can be developed within hours, yes, fact, giving you a secure members area where only paying visitors can access following a successful login.  Do remember though, that testing your site can take twice the development time and is one of the most important tasks.

You could also have your member-details held in a MySQL database online including their email addresses, this is very useful when you need to email all your members with a quick click on a form.  Also, as the details are online its easy for your members to login and update their own details, essential to be compliant with the latest data protection laws.  If you have a web site already but don't have your own database then this is the next step up for you, every business in the World will eventually need to store or share some data via a web site and using a simple database as shown in this example is ideal.  Take that next step up and move into the dynamic world of online database development.

All code examples, ASP and JavaScript, are offered as a guide and not as THE definitive answer to a solution.  Like many instances within computing, this solution is not the only, or even the best method to use.  However, it offers one technique that we hope you will find useful as you use ASP in more applied situations.

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Sample code: ASP and MySQL - PHP and MySQL - phpFormMailer - ASP Contact form